Your kid’s first time on the ranch?

What happens when a city kid makes his or her first visit to a dude ranch? One thing is for sure: they never forget it. I vividly remember my first time on a ranch: I spent so much time in the saddle that I wound up “wearing” a pillow for the next few days. But I formed a love affair with horses that lasts to this day.
Tell us about your child’s first visit and how it affected him/her. Did they bond eternally with their pony? Did your child try his hand at a little fly fishing with a ranch guide (and now wants his own waders)? 
Perhaps your child may have learned something about nature and formed a love for the outdoors after spending time on the ranch. Or maybe their visit provided a chance to put down the Gameboy and have some quality time with Mom and Pop.
If there’s a funny or warm story about your child’s first time on the ranch, please tell us! Post your comments below, or send us an email; we’ll share the stories with our readers.

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