Workaholic’s therapy in Arizona

Are you a workaholic? Wickenburg’s Kay el Bar Ranch offers a fun solution: horse therapy. At check-in, guests are offered the option of “checking out” by checking in their cell phones, and (as soon as possible) swinging into the saddle, and riding off into the sunshine. “This is a serious problem,” says ranch owner Joe Beattie. “Blackberries (aka crackberries), cell phones, and constant work chatter are eroding our quality of life. Though a bit tongue-in-cheek, we do have a solution.”

Arizona’s oldest dude ranch also has some news: it just completed its largest restoration to date. The original adobe walls have been restored, lodge bathrooms upgraded, and traditional landscaping has been returned. But the most important thing hasn’t changed: the peace and serenity you can find here in this lovely Sonoran Desert setting.
To learn more, visit Kay el Bar on the web.

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