Dude and guest ranches with Women’s Weeks

I’m not the best rider in the West, so I’ve always wanted a program where I could brush up my riding skills, learn more about horses (what are they thinking when their ears prick up?), and maybe get a little girly pampering, too. Several ranches now have programs that offer that kind of thing; classes are kept small and usually last a week.

Take Tanque Verde Ranch’s Women of the West clinic, for example. You check into comfy casitas, dive into a week of horse training classes, and at the end of each day you sit around a campfire and get entertained by horse trainer Tom Chambers (he’s also a singer and western music composer). On the last day, the gals are treated to a professional massage at the spa, plus Dom Perignon Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries!
Chambers says the goal is to let riders experience “that magic place in time that I call harmony with horses!” Yep, but you all experience some pretty nice pampering, too.  Tanque Verde’s Women of the West has six clinics in 2009 (start dates Jan. 31; Feb. 28; Ap. 18; Oct. 3; Nov. 7; Dec. 12); click here for the website. 
More ranches with women’s week programs: ARIZONA: Flying E Ranch; Kay El Bar. WYOMING: Firehole Ranch; Paradise Guest Ranch.

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