Tips for Moms: answering your kids’ ranch questions

One question every kid will ask his parents about the ranch they choose to visit is: “Will there be any kids my age there?” At Lost Valley Ranch, just southwest of Denver, owner Bob Foster hears that question a lot. His answer?

“With 90 guests/ 24 families, we get a lot of kids across age groups, so there’s always “somebody their age” here,” notes Foster. The ranch takes babies and offers babysitting and cares for 3-5 year-olds (in a group setting), so the parents get some free time. They divide rides and many activities by age groups, so kids and teens are with their peers. And there are lots of options. “You can’t push a kid into a program,” claims Foster. “They want choices.”
More importantly, the supervisors (or ‘supes’) of the children and teens at Lost Valley Ranch are hand-picked. “I personally visit with all our potential staffers,” says Foster, “I like to look ’em in the eye.” His goal: to hire young people who have a passion for working with children and teenagers. “Finding people who really enjoy working with kids—that’s our number one job,” Foster says.
 It must be working—this will be their 49th year in the dude and guest ranching business. 

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