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Ranch Vacations
The Leading Guide to Guest and Resort, Fly-Fishing, and Cross-Country Skiing Ranches in the United States and Canada, 6th Edition.

Bootcamp for dudes

Tucked away on 10,000 acres in the Santa Barbara wine country, The Alisal Guest Ranch & Resort has played host to city slickers and celebs since 1946 (Clark Gable was an early guest). Now, you can see a bit of Alisal’s more challenging side: Bootcamp.

Rough it alongside accomplished equestrians and expert wranglers on 2009 Bootcamps designed for and dubbed Cowgirls, Couples, or Mother/Daughter. The three-night, four-day adventures are all inclusive and combine the best of wild west culture with the adventures of working on a real cattle ranch.

Upcoming dates: Mother/Daughter Bootcamp (Feb. 26-Mar. 1); Cowgirl Bootcamp (May 3-6); Couples Bootcamp (Oct. 22-25). For more, click on the link above.


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