Down Argentine way, take a whack at polo

Just outside Cordoba, Argentina, Estancia Los Potreros is a horse and cattle ranch run by the Begg family. Its small size (12 guests) belies the estancia’s world-class reputation, honed by Robin and Kevin Begg and their wives Teleri and Luisa.

Guests get a close-up look at a classic South American cattle estancia, plus enjoy trail riding, birdwatching, hiking in the wide-open countryside, and Cordon-bleu inspired menus. On twice-daily rides, you can cover a lot of Argentinian ground, depending on your experience and skill.
But what most guests remember about Los Potreros: polo. If you’re up to it, you can take a whack at the game the Brits spread around the globe. When they give you a mallet, helmet, and a horse used to novice players, you’ll be geared up—or ‘kitted out’, as they say in the British-style English spoken here (along with Spanish). Then the Beggs will teach you the game’s basics, like how to hit the ball without hitting your mount. Eventually, you’ll play a practice chukka-one period in a polo match. 
It’s open year-round (save for four weeks in May/June). Twice a year, Los Potreros offers two-week daily polo schools for beginners; check the web for schedule. And every Easter, the ranch hosts an annual polo tournament. As the Brits would say, “Bully, old chaps!”

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