A Christmas on the ranch

What we love about Christmas on the ranch

The sweet curl of smoke from a chimney into a starry sky
The gathering of friends from far and wide

The neighing of horses tucked snug in the barn
A white coat of ice on the nearby tarn

The laughter of young and old in our families
The chance to make warm new memories

The joy of hard work and pulling together as a team
A lifestyle and landscape that’s out of a dream
Happy holidays from Gene Kilgore and all of us at Ranchweb.com and the DudeRanchBlog.com. We hope your days are filled with the spirit of the season and the warmth of good cheer. 
Look for our story on the Rancher of the Year on Christmas Day!
Then, we’ll be back January 1, with more good news from Dude and Guest Ranch Country. And we’d love to hear from you in 2009!


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