How to get a dream job on a ranch

One recent ad for employment at a Colorado ranch reads: “Beautiful mountain scenery, hard work, and fun are just a few of the elements that our guest ranch crew experience every summer. If you have a ready smile, are willing to work hard, love the outdoors and enjoy working with people, we may have a job for you.”

Who wouldn’t want to combine a little hard work with a lot of potential fun in a stunning location? At most ranches, employees are welcome to use the ranch facilities on their days off, and sometimes you’re even welcome to ride any spare horses just for fun. Sounds like a great life in a wholesome, healthy environment. And so it is. But there’s a lot of competition for these dream jobs. So how do you score such a job?

Well, hang onto your Stetson. Over the next few weeks, we’ll show you how to get an edge on the competition, with tips and suggestions from the ranchers themselves. And as always, don’t forget to check out our job listings at; click here.



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