Targeting the women’s market

My pal Jane C. sent me a hopeful note about the travel industry recently. She contends that, despite the difficult economy, women are continuing to travel. And April M. Merenda, President and Co-Founder of Gutsy Women Travel, says, “Gutsy women from all walks of life are braving the current situation and still determined to travel.”

A key travel industry executive who has a good feel for this market, Ms. Merenda says that many women — especially teachers and mother/daughters and girlfriends— are deciding that no matter what shape the economy is in, they need a break and plan to take one, certain that they’ll return revitalized and ready to tackle life’s challenges with renewed energy.

Ms. Merenda believes that her company’s success is due in part to the fact that women still view travel as a necessity—not a luxury—and many save up for their dream trips. Ms. Merenda’s company has found success with competitively priced single supplements and also has introduced a ‘guaranteed share’ program which is designed for the many women who travel solo, but worry about whether they can afford high single supplement charges. Gutsy Women relies on repeat business (some 60%) and word-of-mouth compliments from past passengers has proved to be the company’s biggest marketing tool. Sounds like a few of those ideas just might work down on the ranch.


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