7 questions to ask about dude ranch costs

Okay, so¬† you know you want to visit a dude ranch, but how do you decide where and when to go? These days, cost may be the first factor for a lot of travelers, so that’s often what they want to tackle first. But when you’re comparing ranches on their costs, be sure you’re comparing them fairly, and figuring in all the costs. Print out this list of questions, and you won’t miss a trick:

1) What are your rates and what is included?

2) What is your tipping policy (gratuities aren’t always included in the rates)?

3) Are there special rates for non-riders?

4) Are there discounts for off-season visits?

5) What is the minimum length of stay required, if any?

6) Are there special rates for families, children, seniors, or corporations?

7) Besides state and local taxes, what else do rates not include?

For an extensive list of dude ranches, and links to their details, check Ranchweb.com.


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