Twitter on the range

You’ve probably heard about Twitter, the messaging service that sends “tweets” or messages of up to 140 characters in length. It’s all the rage for keeping up on the latest articles and posts on blogs (like us—the Ranchweb Dude Ranch Blog).

But should dude ranchers, and dude ranch lovers, take up Twitter? Well, it depends. When it comes to influence, applications like Twitter can’t be ignored, certainly (you didn’t ignore the Internet, did you)? Time will tell if Twitter becomes as important as, say, email. But influence is not just about numbers–it’s about being one of the (and reaching) early adopters. And that can help in any business, including dude ranching, and with getting the latest in travel information.

Thing is, when you tweet, you only reach the people who have elected to follow you. So if you’re interested in hearing when we’ve posted new stories on the blog, become a Twitterer.

So if you just want to share thoughts or story ideas with us, well then, send us a note via Twitter at @calgrl.


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