Making your dreams real

It was a brief note in her pocket, written in pencil and titled simply “My Dreams”. The woman was killed in an apparent hit-and-run accident on Christmas morning while she was on her way to work.

The 38-year old single mother died at the site; after the tragedy, the list of her life’s goals was discovered in her pocket. The list included dreams we can all understand: to find a great job, buy a house by the age of 45, to marry, and to watch her 8-year-old son graduate from college someday. And why was she going to work on Christmas day? “She was all about making her dreams come true,” a friend said later.

Most of us have thought about dreams and goals we’d like to attain, but never do anything to make them happen. As we start the year 2012, maybe you should be talking about things like your ‘bucket list’. What’s on it? Visit the Grand Canyon? Hike the Appalachian Trail? Or maybe to ride into the Wild West at a dude ranch and bond with your kids? 19590006

The point is, this gal made a list and was working on getting it done–and you can, too. Sure, some goals (like a big vacation), are easier to attain than longer range goals (like buying a house). But near-term goals like vacations can be vital. Vacations pull a family together, relieve stress, maybe even give a new perspective on life.  To pull off a dream vacation you’ll need some time and a plan. You’ll have to do some research, stroll around the Internet, and talk to friends. Hey, it’s all do-able. Just don’t wait.

The loss of that single mom is tragic. And I hope the friends and family who loved her will pick up her list and finish the last item on it–sending her son to college. But she left us all with an important lesson: Write your dreams. Then work on making them into reality.


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