Getting back on the horse after injury

Our pal, Nancy Brown is a writer and horsewomen extraordinaire. When she recently underwent double hip replacement, her first concern was how and how soon she could get back on a horse again. Ranchweb’s own Gene Kilgore knew just who Brown should chat with.

Bob Foster of Lone Mountain Ranch and Bayard Fox of Bitterroot Ranch both knew what Brown would be going through. Brown tells the story on her blog. “Bob Foster General Manager of Lone Mountain Ranch has had experience riding with broken bones. He fell and broke his hip at the femoral neck after landing on a rock. After his recovery, he also returned to horseback riding. And then there is Bayard Fox of Bitterroot Ranch. Fox underwent a total hip replacement about 25 years ago, yet he still enjoys horseback riding today at the age of 83.”

It’s a tale of inspiration and perspiration that you should not miss.

Details: For the rest of the story, check out the Writing Horseback blog.


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