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Dude ranch jobs: new help for jobseekers & ranchers

You want to be a wrangler, cook up stacks of hotcakes or gourmet meals, or take guests out on fly fishing expeditions? Then maybe you want a job at a guest ranch. But how to find it?, of course!
You could think of it as a dating site where job seekers and [...]


Dude ranchers to meet in Cody, Wyoming

The Dude Ranchers’ Association Annual Convention is next week in Cody, Wyoming. Held at the Holiday Inn, January 18th – 22nd, the convention is a great place to meet the ranchers, show off  products and services, and be involved in useful seminars and informal discussions. (Our Ranchweb guru, Gene Kilgore, will be attending and when [...]


Find your ideal ranch property

Ranching can get into your blood. To the point that just spending a few weeks on a ranch vacation isn’t enough. You simply must have your own spread.
That kind of burning desire is exactly why we started, which we just re-launched in a cool new format. It’s now easier to use, to search through, [...]


Eco-friendly and ‘green’ dude ranch vacations

Green dudes
What better way to vacation ‘green’ than to visit an eco-friendly dude or guest ranch. After all, ranches have had years of practice in being careful stewards of their lands in order to be successful.
In recent years, many dude or guest ranch ranches have gone beyond their regular practices of ensuring streams stay clean [...]


Selecting the best dude and guest ranch for the kids

Smart Ranch Traveler
Moms are often the ones who end up doing the background research for any vacation. That’s especially true when they’re hunting for a dude or guest ranch vacation for the family. Any mom would agree: it’s always good to start your selection process early. But even August isn’t too late-ask about cancellations. (In [...]


Brush Creek Ranch, Lost Valley ranch news

The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch

Wyoming’s newest guest ranch, The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch aims to offer something different. In talking to Michael Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the ranch, we ask him what sets the ranch apart. “We want to be different from a typical [...]


Wyoming’s newest dude and guest ranch resort: The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek

Set in south central Wyoming’s wild and beautiful North Platte River Valley, Brush Creek Ranch has been a homestead and ranch since the 1880s. Now, its long and storied history bears a new coda: The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch. Ah, but that’s not how the last chapter of the tale of Brush [...]


The Dude Ranch blog gets a new look

Careful readers of the Dude Ranch Blog know that we have just debuted a new design, thanks to our Wordpress host. Yep, we’ve got all the bells and whistles now: Tags, Trackbacks, and lotsa cool Widgets.
More importantly, the new design is easier to read and quicker to navigate. The key thing to remember, however, is [...]