An invitation

Welcome to the wonderful world of dude ranching. We have a community of dedicated ranchers, loyal customers, hard working ranch hands, as well as travel adventurers anywhere. It’s been my privilege to meet many of these super folks over the years. I started a directory of quality dude ranches, called “Ranch Vacations” which is now in its 7th edition. As the world wide web developed and flourished we brought the same information and insights to our website,

What is so special about dude ranching? My dad said it best:

“Dude ranches to me are the essence of friendliness in an environment of natural beauty. It is here where we can be relieved of stress and where each day can be filled with joy and peace instead of the constant agitation of cell telephones, televisions and emails. It is on dude ranches that the values of life that are most meaningful and enduring are realized. It is here that the beauties of the planet come alive and where compassion amoung human beings can help to further more understanding between humans. It is the dude ranch experience that can generate humility as we stand in awe of life’s wonders, the planet and the universe.”

I look forward to sharing tips, observations, and stories with you all.


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