Classic ranch wear

If you really want to fit in with the wranglers, get to know Denver’s Rockmount Ranch Wear. The company has real cred on the range—they’ve been around since 1946.  Your must-have for the dude ranch: Rockmount’s trademark diamond snap-front shirt (legend says they invented ’em); they’re the longest-lasting production shirt design in America and one is even in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution. You can find ’em at any self-respecting western wear shop, or online. The tailored shirts with the sawtooth pocket style are now an icon, and make even city clickers look like the real deal. 

They were the brainchild of the late Jack A. Weil (below) Rockmount’s patriarch and a fixture at the Rockies’ main store even when he was well past age 100. 
When I stopped by the store in Denver’s LoDo district a few years back, I asked Jack why he kept working long after the age when most guys have opted for golf and bridge. “Work is my way of relaxing,” Jack said with a grin. “It keeps you young!”

Rock on, Jack A. Weil, wherever you are!

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    Thanks for the nice piece on Papa Jack & Rockmount. I am the 3rd generation and we have been carried by dude ranches for generations. Its great to be part of the great Western lifestyle and culture.

    Steve Weil,

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