ABC’s new dudes

Alan Shore and Denny Crane on horseback? Yep, the wise-cracking, business-suited boys from ABC’s Boston Legal are heading for a dude ranch on next week’s episode of the hit prime-time show. Frankly, we can’t wait to watch them saddle up.
We don’t know if actors James Spader (Shore) or William Shatner (Crane) have ever been to a dude ranch in real life, but Shatner is, in fact, a fine horseman. He rides and breeds American Quarter Horses and owns the world champion Sultan’s Great Day. The actor devotes time to AHEAD with Horses, a charity group which gives physically and mentally challenged children the thrill of riding a horse (while boosting their confidence); Shatner is also the annual host for the Hollywood Charity Horse Show. That merits a tip of the hat.
In next week’s episode, Alan and Denny check into a dude ranch and find themselves “at odds with their fellow horse enthusiasts”. Naturally. (Check local listings for time and station.)

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