Picking a ranch: visitor tips

The range of choices in ranches out there is awesome—and for anyone planning a dude ranch vacation, it can be intimidating. There are some similarities: most ranches offer American Plan, with meals, lodging, and activities included, but some do offer Modified American Plan and European Plans. But one thing’s for sure: every ranch serves up a slightly different menu of features to cater to your special interests.

To get started, head for Ranchweb.com, where you can find ranches listed by category. Then ask yourself some key questions. Are you interested in a child-oriented ranch or one where child care is provided? How important is the kind of riding program available (and how much of your visit do you want to spend in the saddle)? If fishing, nature walking, or hunting is important to family members, you’ll want to scope out the ranch’s level of offerings in those activities. Food and drink is always key, so don’t be afraid to ask about menus and liquor policies.
And if there’s a spouse in the house who just can’t unplug from the Internet or cell phone, you’ll want to check out the ranch connections (they’re not all as remote as you think). Whatever you want, there’s sure to be a dude ranch perfect for your needs, and it’s just a click away!

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