5 tips for getting a dream ranch job

We just heard from Dan Morin of Colorado’s Sundance Trail Ranch, who saw our blog asking ranchers for their thoughts on how dude ranch job seekers can increase their chances of snagging that dream job. Here are some of his suggestions to job seekers:

1. Have skills that I need – these are all people skills. I can teach you to cook, clean, even ride a horse; I cannot teach you how to delight my guests and keep them safe.

2. Don’t tell me how good the job would be for you. I am interested in

the welfare of my ranch, guests and staff, not that of an applicant I have never met. Tell me how good you will be for my ranch operation.

3. Have flexible dates.

4. Research the ranch, study the web site, address correspondence to me by

name (Dear Mr. Morin…), and don’t ask questions already answered in the website.

5. Cowboys and cowgirls have a code of ediquette. Learn it. Refer to us

as “sir” or “ma’am,” not “you guys.” 

All good thoughts, Dan. thanks for sharing. For more on Sundance Trails Ranch, click here. 

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