The birth of a ‘new classic’ Western shirt

What’s Cacties? No, not a group of desert plants with spines—it’s a new line of Western wear shirts and ties. Creator Jimmy Griscom started the company, called Cacties, just a couple of years ago “for the cowboy in us all”.

Two years ago, he made the decision to leave his Wall Street trading desk behind. “I grew up wearing suits and ties,” Griscom says, “but there’s a cowboy in us all, and mine wanted to get out.”

He started out making ties that can best be described as ‘Will Rogers meets Ferragamo’. We’ve seen them, and they’re elegant, high-end (100% silk), and made entirely by hand in the USA; they each have a pattern featuring fun but tasteful western-themed icons—look closely and you’ll see tiny images of flags, chaps, cacti (hence the company name), cutting horses and the like. Each of the 28 designs retails for $80, so they’re not cheap, nor do they look it. They’ve caught on with Wall Streeters, like Mad Money pundit Jim Cramer, and politicos like President George Bush (who has a passel of ‘em).

Griscom’s next goal? Merely to make “the best high-end Western-influenced shirt on the market”. The typical western shirt is very utilitarian, he says, and he wanted to make something that “a real cowboy would wear to get gussied up in” but that the guy in Manhattan would also want to wear.

We recently got a look (and feel) of Cacties’ two-pocket, antique horn snap denim classic western shirt ($125); it is made from a 60/40 blend of cotton and tencel indigo chambray and has that smooth, silky feel of a well-worn “old favorite” shirt—without the well-worn look. The line has become a favorite of singer Vince Gill, who wore one for an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. 

Take a look at the Cacties website. If the shirt looks half as good on you as it does on Griscom (pictured on the About page), then you’ll consider it money well spent. For more, click here.


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