Tips on getting a dude ranch job: 3

You may have a ranch in mind where you’d like to work. But do you really know your target ranch? Here’s how to find out more:
-When you have selected several ranches that would be a good fit for you (and vice
versa), learn everything you can about them. Ranches now post enormous amounts of information on the internet. Also, don’t hesitate to call them with well thought out questions. Study the ranches that are close to that ideal you have in mind. Then, find out:

  • What makes them different from others?
  • What is their hiring schedule?
  • What are their requirements from applicants? (eg. videotape?)
  • How many of last year’s staff are returning this year?

Shop ranches – pretend you are taking the vacation of your dreams, and call them with your questions. When you apply, make it clear that you have studied the ranch as a potential employer – it shows them that you are serious. When a cover letter addresses the owner by name (easy to get from the ranch web site) it makes a much stronger positive impression than “To Whom It May Concern.” Collecting this information takes only a few minutes, but can pay big dividends.

Thanks to Ellen & Dan Morin of Sundance Trail Ranch for all of the above ideas.

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