Newsflash: Colorado’s Zapata Ranch featured

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The media has finally found out what we’ve known all along:  Zapata Ranch is terrific. Built on an original homestead site, Zapata uses utilizes its own grass-fed beef and bison, along with local San Luis Valley produce. Their style is ‘down home, gourmet and meals are served family-style’. Below we list a sample of the attention this Mosca, Colorado, ranch is getting. pic3


Conde Nast Traveler Magazine: 1 of 3 Best Ranches in America for a Real, Working Ranch Vacation. The Conde Nast Traveler article discusses how conservation and ranching go hand-in-hand and how guests can take part in it all through real, working ranch vacations. And Conde Nast Traveler Magazine lists Zapata as The Best Ranch Lodging and Dining in Colorado.  Western Horseman Magazine: 1 of 15 Best Holidays and Riding Vacations to Book Today; the article describes Zapata as “…one of the world’s most spectacular and diverse landscapes.”


America’s Heartland TV Show: Featured as an Unforgettable Experience in the World of Agriculture.  CBS Denver News: 1 of 5 Top Ranches in Colorado.

Our hats are off to Zapata Ranch!


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