The 10 Best Gifts for A Fly Fisherman

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The Holidays are upon us and you’re frantically searching for the best gift to give that special someone who is a fly fishing enthusiast.   As fellow freshwater fly fishing aficionados (sometimes referred to as fly fishing fanatics!) we offer our top 10 suggestions for either the novice or expert fisherman in your life.

For those who really want to impress, giving the gift of an unforgettable experience tops our list.   Every year for the past ten years for Christmas, my best friend sets up a fishing trip for the two of us in a spot we’ve never fished before.   This gift of sharing my passion for fresh water fishing in amazingly beautiful locations with my best friend is by far the highlight of my entire year.  If this idea appeals to you, check out our website,, to find the very best places to fly fish in the world.

Second on the list- again the inspiration of my best friend/life-time fishing buddy- is to invest in the purchase of an electric bicycle.  What does an electric bike have to do with fishing???  Check out the picture of me, on a day outing to a remote location with the U-Boat and complete fishing gear on my back.  I could never have experienced this day trip without a little electrical help to not only speed me on my way but carry my load.  The U-Boat weighs in at a mere 7 pounds (when empty) and comes with back pack straps, an exceptional float for fly fishing in a lake or gentle waters.  Both the bike and the U-boat help reach places otherwise inaccessible.   A little unusual, and yet an unforgettable gift that lasts a lifetime!

Sticking with the unusual, another unique gift idea is to purchase a “Lure of the Month” from Fishing Enthusiast.   Much like a Wine-of-the-Month club, only instead of wine, each month a premium lure arrives at your doorstep in a beautiful gift box with the history of the lures included.  A gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Next up, would be have to be a tried-and-true classic:  a Rod or Reel.  Regardless of how many rods and reels may be in the collection, there can never be too many.  For the experienced, try reels such as the Tibor Everglades, Hardy Perfect, or Wheatley Fly Box.  For the more novice fly fisherman, Redington’s Voyant fly-rod outfits are perfect for those just learning.  The smooth-casting outfit comes ready for fishing right out of the box and is available in various weights for both fresh and saltwater use.

For the technology-savvy fisherman, apps for computers, iPhones, and smartphones can make great gifts.  Favorite fly-fishing apps are FlyBench, FishHead, Orvis Fly-Fishing, and Hatch.   Some of the Apps are free, so your gift would be merely showing how to best fully utilize the apps for fishing.  Other technological gadgets to consider would be a fishfinder, a sonar unit that allows one to explore below the surface, or a handheld GPS unit that shows geographic and topographic data to help anglers navigate to and from fishing spots.

New tackle can always come in handy, yet recommending specific tackle for fresh water fly fishing is almost impossible as there are thousands of types depending on the fish species running in the specific regions during different times of the year.  Having a fly kit with an assortment of flies can be used in a variety of situations.  To see an expansive selection, check out Rene Harrop’s fly collection with over 1300 patterns and sizes to choose from.

For those that enjoy a drink or two along the river or in the afterglow of a good catch, there are several gift ideas.  Dry Fly Distilling, created by and for fly fishers, produces the finest vodka, gin and whiskey, presented in thematically designed bottles at affordable prices.  In addition, one of the nicest selections of fly fish themed flasks, glasses, tumblers and other containers are available at The Rogue Angler.

The last three of the ten top gift ideas for the avid angler are:

  • Tools– such as fishing pliers, multi-tools, fishing nets, scissors, tackle boxes, etc.  I ordered five of the Micro-Tool – a great hand-sized tool that covers almost every need.
  • Clothing and Accessories– wading boots, waders, rain gear, sunglasses, backpacks and the like.  My two favorite for this season are the new Guide Wading Boots that have an interchangeable sole system and the Orvis Angler’s Day Pack, customized specifically for fly fishers.
  • Books and Videos– instructional as well as guide and recreational books and videos make great gifts.  Subscriptions to fishing magazines included in this category as well.

These are just a few of the many gifts sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves to fly fish.  We wish you a happy and safe holiday season and many happy days throughout the year on the water!


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