Happy New Year from ranch country

Hideout095Happy New Year from Ranchweb! It’s been a productive year for us, with all kinds of innovations and added services to bring to our friends in ranch country. What a privilege it is to serve the guest ranch industry.

Other ranch-oriented websites may come and go, but Ranchweb is backed by Gene Kilgore’s 30 years’ worth of real-world dude ranch industry experience and face-to-face relationships with ranchers and visits to ranches. We’re not sitting at some cubicle imagining what a dude ranch vacation is like–we’ve been there and done that. And we keep doing all we can technologically to spread the word about the wonderful vacation opportunities in the world of dude and guest ranch resorts–Facebook, Twitter, and more help us connect to you and help you connect to other fans.

We’re here to celebrate not just the business of guest ranch resorts, but the genuine traditions and healthy lifestyles and great personalities of ranch country.
This year, we produced an eighth edition of the most widely respected guide to the guest ranch resort industry, Gene Kilgore’s Ranch Vacations. The book, too, is revamped–lighter, easier to handle and take along, and more user-friendly.

We’re getting the word out on the news and new things happening in ranch country: great deals, the new activities from spa treatments to wine seminars to zip lining.

And we’re telling the story of the lasting traditions and amazing family bonding that has always been part of the guest ranch vacation. Honestly, that’s the part we love the most.

Here’s to a bigger, better year across the industry for 2012.


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