Dude ranchers to meet in Cody, Wyoming

The Dude Ranchers’ Association Annual Convention is next week in Cody, Wyoming. Held at the Holiday Inn, January 18th – 22nd, the convention is a great place to meet the ranchers, show off  products and services, and be involved in useful seminars and informal discussions. (Our Ranchweb guru, Gene Kilgore, will be attending and when he gets back, he’ll give us a full report.)

The DRA Convention showcases numerous speakers and seminars related to the various aspects of the industry, hospitality, marketing, etc.  In addition, there will be fun events, entertainment and the annual Dude Ranchers’ Educational Trust Dinner and Auction.

The agenda includes seminars on Adventure Travel Media;  PR 101 + What is the Media Looking For;  Epic Processing:  The Best Solution for all Payment Solutions; Amanda Esch, Davis & Cannon, LLP:  The Best Defense is a Good Offense; Peter Askew of DudeRanch.com on  Google Analytics 101.

Guest speakers include Nancy Schretter, Managing Editor, Family Travel Network; Dr. Sorensen-Equine Learning Center of America. There’ll be a DRA Hall of Fame Presentation, a Horse Safety Program Report, time to meet vendors, and the big President’s Banquet at the famed Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

The Convention is the largest attended DRA Event of the Year. For more information, contact the DRA office at info@duderanch.org or 866-399-2339.


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