Dude ranch news in Everett Potter’s Travel Report

We were pleased to see Ed Wetschler’s story today on Gene Kilgore in Everett Potter’s Travel Report.

As Wetschler puts it “There are more experts on spas, cruises, and ski resorts than stars in the heavens, but when it comes to dude ranches, Gene Kilgore is the expert, a star in his own right. Kilgore dropped out of medical school to write his first guide to ranch vacations in 1980, and since then he has witnessed – and reported to the world – profound changes in how dude ranches entertain their guests. Ranches have updated their programs so much, in fact, that you might even wonder if the term “dude ranch” still applies. So we decided to corral this cowboy and get the lowdown.”

What follows is a neat update on the dude ranching, Gene’s lengthy history of involvement in this unique industry, and some flat-out gorgeous photos. Check out the whole story by clicking here.


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