Do horses get allergies? Find out on Facebook…

If you aren’t following Ranchweb on Facebook, you just don’t know what you’re missing. It ranges from the sublime (lovely photography of horses and other ranch themes) to the silly. Sometimes, you’ll find info that is downright fascinating.

For example, we asked recently on Facebook: Do horses ever get allergies? We got some interesting replies:

Anne R Horstman yes they do. mine was allergic to barkdust.

Denise Longland yup they do… my old horse had asthma.

James Randolph Thomas Jr. Yes, been sneezed on by ranch horses a few times. Must be ragweed or goldenrod.

Sherrie DeFreitas Johnson I had one who had Hives!

Stormy Harbour I worked with a horse that had to take steroids because she was allergic to pretty much everything. I felt so sorry for the poor thing. This fine specien doesn’t seem to have that problem though. Gorgous coat.

Gene Robinson Yep, they sure do. Had a working cow horse once upon a time. But when it came time to work, he wouldn’t. But if not under saddle, he would sure as hell chase ’em.

You can’t make this stuff up, so we don’t even try. We love our Ranchweb¬†Facebook followers and hope you’ll decide to become one!


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